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About Us

For over four decades, Commercial Scale & Balance has stood as a premier leader in the scale industry, boasting an extensive inventory of replacement parts. Our commitment to precision is exemplified through comprehensive preventative maintenance agreements, ensuring that your weighing equipment meets the stringent standards set by NIST and ISO. Our services include meticulous testing for accuracy, with necessary adjustments accompanied by thorough documentation.

Diversifying our offerings, our range includes a variety of balances, from analytical and bench to explosion-proof and portable options. These balances boast features such as comparator output, backlit display, data memory functions, and bidirectional interfaces. Moisture analyzers in our repertoire come equipped with self-check functions, multiple measurement programs, and a large backlit display for unparalleled performance.

Commercial Scale & Balance extends its expertise to railroad weighing solutions, providing efficient and cost-effective software for static or in-motion rail weighing applications. Our scales, designed for various applications, uphold the highest standards of precision, offering features like sealed removable keyboards and hygienic designs.

In the realm of truck weighing, our self-contained modules stand out, ensuring high accuracy and robust design. Moreover, our comprehensive range includes viscometers, offering real-time display and ease of operation.